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This three-week introduction to essay writing service American Literature focuses on contemporary literature, including “Brave New Voices” performances, Each Walsh’ speech for Gay Rights, contemporary poetry and short stories, songs, and more. It also combines elements of Composition in that it teaches students the Definition Essay, one of many forms of writing taught in college composition classes.

Students rotate around twelve stations in small groups, creating a working definitions of what an American is today. These ideas are ultimately morphed into a definition essay, introducing one of many types of writing that your students will be exposed to in their American Literature classes. Furthermore, students participate in readings of short stories and partake in multiple fishbowls and a whole-class discussion.

This definition is to be used as a basis for comparison as the American Literature class goes back in time and studies how the definition of an American was different in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

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Contents Include:
–15 days of scripted lessons
–A packet with questions to guide discussion at all 12 stations
–Station information as well as links for you to find the sources your students will be studying
–Short story synopsis and reading assignment
–Guide for leading short story discussion
–Framework for teaching the Definition Essay
–A writer’s workshop guide as well as two workshop-related handouts for your students
–Definition Essay rubric

When I teach this unit, my objective is to get students to complete a literary analysis through comparing and contrasting two versions of a similar story. I model this entire process using two versions of the Little Red Riding Hood tale. The two books I use are Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by James Marshall and Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young. (Please note: books are NOT included in this purchase!)

If your school, grade level, or department wishes to use this product, please purchase an additional license for each teacher at the significantly discounted additional license price when you checkout.